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The explosion of the P2P communications model has revolutionised the way in which we buy, handle and evaluate the tourism market. The power of choice has been democratised, bringing together people with similar interests and needs, targeting and fine tuning the idea of customisation and making it possible to reduce intermediation costs. The far reaching scope of the Internet means that anybody can act like a tourist abroad, or in their own city, province or region.

Profile required to be a supplier on the Linkalokal platform:  Companies with specialist knowledge in the local environment, capable of detecting opportunities allowing for the enjoyment of authentic and far-reaching experiences that transmit cultural, social and educational values in the chosen destination.

Objectives: We wish to take the tourist or traveller to another level of enjoyment and pleasure on their trips. Whichever companies that can design a feasible product, will find in the Linkalokal platform a means of managing and monetising their idea or product without the need for any economic investment. Linkalokal will handle the distribution of all aspects of content  throughout the 6 continents, through social networks, blogger networks, influencers, etc.

Why? . Because we wish to foster and offer new business lines in the field of tourism with a specific motto: sharing unique, exclusive and extraordinary experiences. Because the project is based on diversity, creativity and the exploration of more realistic and approachable experiences, handling the growing demand for authenticity and proximity to local culture which is the driving motivation of the twenty first century traveller. Mass tourism as was  previously the case is profoundly impersonal, dull and obsolete.


What is Linkalokal? a P2P platform geared towards culture, knowledge transfer, enriched entertainment, educational leisure, through a unique service / product: the augmented experience

How does it work? There are two types of users: supplier and client. Both are participants and active on the platform. Linkalokal is not a travel agency nor will it ever be one. Linkalokal is a linking platform to join specific interests: combining unique and authentic travel offers with a budding demand for quality products that has gone beyond borders, travellers who know what they want: authenticity and proximity with the local culture.

The client user seeks, finds, purchases, rates, shares. The modern day consumer is freer than ever. They travel and move around independently, they may have purchased the experience beforehand or at the destination, through Linkalokal’s web or mobile app mobile using geo-positioning to locate the arrival destination, departure point or whilst on route. Whilst maybe not making a purchase in that moment they will share the content that they consider interesting and authentic. The twenty first century traveller or tourist wants to enjoy a unique experience offered first-hand by a local person or company. New generations, such as the millennials, follow lifestyle and consumption patterns that are leading to major transformations in the tourist industry. They are a generation that has grown up with low cost products, online bookings, YouTube and and readily accessible product reviews on the internet. Technology is not an accessory for them, but rather an integral part of their lifestyle which embraces globalisation on a daily basis. They have three defining personality traits that are a basis for our platforms design .

1 They are extremely impatient. They want everything immediately and do not want to waste time,

2: They seek out authenticity and wish to feel exclusive,

and 3: They look for, compare and take on board the opinions of other travellers and users.

The supplier user of the platform designs and proposes a unique, exclusive experience with added value and authenticity, and publishes this on Linkalokal without the need for any economic investment. The supplier user manages their product, its price and conditions. They have their own administration panel to manage their offers and have constant access to all metrics generated by their experiences and products.

Linkalokal Promotes a selection of the best augmented experiences.

Moreover Linkalokal strategically positions these experiences ensuring that they go viral  globally, creating expectations and specific content for each experience published via a wide-ranging network of bloggers and influencers.

Linkalokal Adds a component in the purchase decision-making process which is a  certificate of exclusivity and authenticity for tourism and leisure experiences, attached to the ratings and reputation system in place for users and a in-depth usability study for deciding when to purchase, rate and share. Points and rewards can be accumulated by each user for every interaction they carry out, whether this be a purchase or simply for sharing their likes, needs or interests on their own social networking pages or those operated by Linkalokal or those of the supplier of experiences itself.

Supplier Benefits: All suppliers whose proposed products are accepted will have their own section on the web and for every sale made they will receive 80% of each transaction, rising to 85% when they publish 5 or more products, and up to 90% when they publish 10 or more products or valid experiences.

The best designer of experiences in each area or region, will be endorsed in all marketing action plans undertaken by Linkalokal, on a global scale. Furthermore, they will enjoy special benefits with regard to the dissemination of their products, brand and reputation on social networking sites the world over and more specifically in those networks that the supplier deems the most important or influential for their line of business.


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