Internet for travel inspiration

Internet for travel inspiration

Internet for travel inspiration

It is no secret that travelers depend heavily on the internet for travel inspiration, planning and booking. Quality of content and community connection are our key differentiators.

Companies rarely fail because they can’t build an awesome product. They fail because they’re unable to grow quickly enough.

Operatrece’s main strategy will focus on acquiring new users, get them activated, making sure they are retained, incentivising them to invite friends and optimise monetization for a sustainable business model. Check out our project Linkalokal

The sharing economy is not a new phenomenon, especially in the tourism sector, but it has been recently accelerated through new technologies and new service offerings. The potential of the sharing economy is significant, with annual growth exceeding 25%. It is now a sector of the economy recognized and accepted by most of the institutions and organizations.

The tourism sector is very much impacted by this relatively new sector. In fact, sharing economy and tourism have a great number of common values. Many services in the sharing economy encourage real experiences between people as staying at a local’s place or sharing a lift with a different person can provide an element of excitement and an experience in itself “off the beaten path”. In this sense, it enhances the local culture by the local people themselves. Sharing economy also encourages the emergence of new initiatives, sometimes very innovative and very beneficial for the local economy and population. Innovative platforms and new forms of doing tourism are emerging every day as start-ups (or even without an official form). In addition, sharing economy promotes bottom-up experiences by putting real experiences, testimony of the people as a guarantee of services.

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